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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Medical Imaging Diagnostics: The "Fractures" computer vision model can be used by healthcare professionals to support the detection and classification of bone fractures in x-ray images, potentially speeding up diagnosis and treatment processes.

  2. Orthopedic Treatment Planning: Surgeons and orthopedic specialists can utilize the model to identify fractures along with metal rod fractures (e.g., failure of internal fixation devices) to determine the most appropriate surgical interventions and to monitor the healing process.

  3. Emergency Room Triage: ER staff can integrate the "Fractures" model into their triage system to quickly identify high-priority cases based on fracture severity, helping to allocate resources and reduce waiting times for patients with urgent needs.

  4. Remote Consultations and Telemedicine: The model can benefit rural or underserved communities where access to specialists is limited by providing fracture identification and classification support for remote consultations, improving the quality of healthcare and enabling timely treatment.

  5. Medical Training and Education: The "Fractures" model can be used as a training tool for medical students and professionals to learn how to identify different types of fractures and understand the complexities of fracture treatment in a more interactive and practical manner.

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