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Object Detection




ace_of_clubs airplane almond arctic_fox avacado avocado baby bag balinese_cat banana baseball basketball billiard_ball body_deo bombay_cat bottle bowling_ball bowtie bracelet brinjal british_shorthair broom bulldog butterfly candy cap car cat ceilingfan chair charger cheetah chess_piece clock clown coin cricket_ball cricket_bat cupcake dalmatian dice ear egyptian_mau eight_of_spades elephant eraser eyes finger five_of_diamonds flag flower football football_boots fork fountain four_of_spades fryingpan german_shepherd giraffe give_way gloves golf_ball gun hammer hand_pump hand_sanitizer helmet honey horsepipe hump hyena icecream jack_of_hearts key king_of_diamonds kneecap knife laptop lion lipstick lock magnifying_glass mask mic motorbike mug no_cycling no_entry no_right_turn nose orange oreo pants parachute pedestrian_crossing person pineapple pizza poodle queen_of_spades rat remote ring road_work roundabout ruler scissor sharpner shirt shoes siberian_cat siberian_husky slippers smiley snake soccer_ball spectacles spoon stethoscope stop_sign strawberry sunglasses switch table table_fan table_mate tablet tap teddy_bear teeth telephone ten_of_hearts tennis_ball three_of_hearts tiger toe tongue torchlight traffic_signal trophy turn_right_ahead two_of_clubs two_way_traffic umbrella volley_ball watch watermelon weighing_machine whale windmill zebra

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