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This garbage detection dataset uses images of large groupings of garbage. A garbage image dataset can be used to recognize garbage pileups at various distances, depths, environments, and times of day. A garbage recognition API could be used to help governments monitor garbage by using stationary cameras or cameras used during asset management collection efforts.

As is, this dataset helps localize the location of the garbage within an image or video and draw a bounding box around the area to give an idea of the size of the garbage pile. This dataset could be used to label individual garbage as well but current annotations focus on large groupings of garbage.

A similar dataset which labels indivudla garbage can be found here:

Datasets related to different types of garbage materials can be found here:

A use case of identifying garbage from images or video could be to understand the location of garbage within a city using Google Images and placing it over a map like this:

Github for the litter map can be found here:

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