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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Environmental Analysis: This model can be used by environmental scientists and researchers to monitor land use changes in desert areas - for instance, how much of the land has transformed from being a green area to a residential or industrial area.

  2. Urban Planning: Local government or city planning departments can use it to keep track of urban sprawl and the expansion of residential and industrial areas in desert locations, aiding in more efficient and environment-friendly urban planning.

  3. Water Management: It can be used by water conservation organizations to identify water bodies in desert regions and manage resources efficiently, particularly for irrigation or supplying drinking water.

  4. Desert Ecosystem Conservation: Conservationists and ecology researchers can use this model to monitor the spread of the desert and its diminishment of green areas, enabling them to develop plans to prevent desertification.

  5. Travel and Tourism Industry: This model can be beneficial for travel companies, helping them to identify various regions in desert areas (like green zones, water bodies, etc.), which can be promoted as tourist attractions.

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