from kaggel

from kaggel

Object Detection

from kaggel Computer Vision Project


9880 images
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from kaggel

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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


Adristyrannus Aleurocanthus spiniferus Ampelophaga Aphis citricola Vander Goot Apolygus lucorum Bactrocera tsuneonis Beet spot flies Ceroplastes rubens Chlumetia transversa Chrysomphalus aonidum Cicadella viridis Cicadellidae Dacus dorsalis(Hendel) Dasineura sp Deporaus marginatus Pascoe Erythroneura apicalis Icerya purchasi Maskell Lawana imitata Melichar Limacodidae Locustoidea Lycorma delicatula Mango flat beak leafhopper Miridae Nipaecoccus vastalor Panonchus citri McGregor Papilio xuthus Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Pieris canidia Potosiabre vitarsis Prodenia litura Pseudococcus comstocki Kuwana Rhytidodera bowrinii white Rice Stemfly Salurnis marginella Guerr Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood Sternochetus frigidus Tetradacus c Bactrocera minax Thrips Toxoptera aurantii Toxoptera citricidus Trialeurodes vaporariorum Unaspis yanonensis Xylotrechus alfalfa plant bug alfalfa seed chalcid alfalfa weevil aphids army worm asiatic rice borer beet army worm beet fly beet weevil bird cherry-oataphid black cutworm blister beetle brown plant hopper cabbage army worm cerodonta denticornis corn borer english grain aphid flax budworm flea beetle grain spreader thrips green bug grub large cutworm legume blister beetle longlegged spider mite lytta polita meadow moth mole cricket odontothrips loti oides decempunctata paddy stem maggot parathrene regalis peach borer penthaleus major red spider rice gall midge rice leaf caterpillar rice leaf roller rice leafhopper rice shell pest rice water weevil sericaorient alismots chulsky small brown plant hopper tarnished plant bug therioaphis maculata Buckton wheat blossom midge wheat phloeothrips wheat sawfly white backed plant hopper white margined moth wireworm yellow cutworm yellow rice borer