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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Home Organization: The model can assist in creating an app for homeowners for intelligent home organization. Users can map out their furniture arrangement and find ways to optimize their space effectively.

  2. Virtual Interior Design: This AI-driven application could be used by interior designers to identify existing furniture in rooms and propose new layouts or additional items that would complement existing pieces.

  3. Retail Industry: E-commerce platforms selling furniture could use this model to enable a search-by-image feature. This would allow users to search for similar furniture types based on an image they upload.

  4. Moving and Real Estate: This model could assist moving companies and real estate agents by quickly listing out all furniture items in a house. This could facilitate price estimation for moving services or rental valuations.

  5. Augmented Reality Shopping Apps: AR shopping apps could implement this model to allow customers to automatically identify existing furniture and recommend new purchases that fit within their current setting.

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Object Detection




108_metal pot 10_double bed 11_water purifier 125_mug cup 12_lamp 13_soft desk 14_mirror 15_chair 16_electric rice cooker 17_ soft sofa 18_bed 19_round table 1_sun bed 20_glass bottle 21_multi seat sofa 22_soft chair 23_chair 24_wardrobe 25_shelf 26_hard chair 27_bowl 28_wardrobe 29_soft chair 2_jug 30_light 31_closet 32_kitchen shelf 33_refrigerator 34_vertical storage cabinet 35_double bed 36_radiator 37_light 38_bed 39_frying pan 3_study chair 40_shelf with towel 41_gas stove 42_long desk 43_high chair 44_faucet 45_multi seat sofa 46_cutting board 47_deer model 48_light 49_teacup 4_office chair 50_plastic cup 51_light 52_computer 53_light 54_tumbler 55_rocking chair 56_toilet 57_sheath 58_functional chair 59_desk 5_pot 60_seasoning bottle 61_closet 62_chiffonier 63_chair 64_wine glass 65_wine cooler 66_kitchen utensils holder 67_table for TV 68_clock 69_electric pot 6_rocking chair 70_double bed 71_washstand 72_peeler 73_ritual vessel 74_bottle 75_bookshelf 76_carpet 77_air cleaner 78_oven 79_knife 7_TV 80_marble desk 8_circular table 92_pillow 9_jack-knife bowl furniture

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