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MoneyClone Computer Vision Project

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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


Counterfeit 100 Peso Counterfeit 1000 Peso Counterfeit 20 Peso Counterfeit 200 Peso Counterfeit 50 Peso Counterfeit 500 Peso Counterfeit fifty dollars Counterfeit fifty thousand won Counterfeit five dollars Counterfeit five hundred taiwan dollar Counterfeit five thousand won Counterfeit five thousand yen Counterfeit one dollar Counterfeit one hundred dollar Counterfeit one hundred taiwan dollar Counterfeit one thousand taiwan dollar Counterfeit one thousand won Counterfeit one thousand yen Counterfeit ten dollars Counterfeit ten thousand won Counterfeit ten thousand yen Counterfeit twenty dollar Counterfeit two dollars Genuine fifty peso Genuine fifty thousand won Genuine five hundred peso Genuine five hundred taiwan dollar Genuine five thousand won Genuine five thousand yen Genuine one hundred peso Genuine one hundred taiwan dollar Genuine one thousand peso Genuine one thousand taiwan dollar Genuine one thousand won Genuine ten thousand won Genuine ten thousand yen Genuine twenty peso Genuine two hundred peso