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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Dietary tracking and meal planning: Foodifyyy can help users identify dishes and their ingredients in order to track their daily food intake, create balanced meal plans, or manage dietary restrictions and allergies.

  2. Smart restaurant recommendations: By analyzing food images from various social media posts and restaurant websites, Foodifyyy can provide personalized food recommendations based on the user's preferences and dietary needs.

  3. Recipe search and grocery shopping: By recognizing specific dishes, Foodifyyy can help users find recipes for the identified items and generate shopping lists with the necessary ingredients.

  4. Educational and cultural explorations: Foodifyyy could be integrated into cultural and culinary educational tools to help users learn and explore diverse cuisines from around the world.

  5. Food inventory and waste management: Foodifyyy can help users identify and track the food items in their pantry, refrigerator, or other storage spaces, helping to prevent food waste by alerting them to upcoming expiration dates and suggesting appropriate recipes.

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Almond, Aloo Chaat, Aloo Gobi, Aloo Mangodi, Aloo Matar, Aloo Matar Panner, Aloo Tuk, American Chopsuey, Amritsari dal, Amritsari kulcha, Bacon, Baguette, Baingan Ka Bharta, Bakar Bhaji, Bake Donut, Bake Potato, Bake donut, Baklava, Balchao, Banana Crepes, Banana Dosa, Banana Ice Cream, Banana Kofta, Banana Pancake, Banana apple mash, Barbeque Chicken, Bbq Chicken, Beetroot Raita, Beetroot paratha, Beetroot raita, Bell Pepper Rice, Besan Bhurji, Besan Bread Toast, Besan Cheela, Besan Halawa, Besan Halwa, Besan Laddo, Besan cheela, Besan halwa, Besan laddo, Chole, Dhokla, Donut, Egg Bhurji, Food, Green Chutney, Icecream, Ketchup, Kofta Curry, Kulcha, Machi Fry, Paneer Bhurji, Pizza, Puree, Strawberry banana crepes, Stuffed Capsicum, White Bread, Yogurt, aam panaa, aam panna, achappam, achari gosht, achari gosht', ajwain paratha, akki roti, allu gobi, allu gobi matar, almond flour muffin, aloo sabzi, aloo baingan, aloo bharta, aloo capsicum, aloo chaat, aloo chana chaat, aloo channa masala, aloo chokha, aloo chole ki sabji, aloo choliya, aloo gajar matar, aloo ghobi, aloo gobi, aloo gobi matar, aloo gravy, aloo jeera, aloo ka chokha, aloo ki sabji, aloo kulcha, aloo matar, aloo methi, aloo paneer kebab, aloo patta gobhi, aloo patties, aloo poha, aloo puff patties, aloo puri, aloo rasedar, aloo rassewale, aloo sabzi, aloo shimla mirchi, aloo tamatar, aloo tamatar sabzi, aloo tikki, aloo tikki burger, aloo tikki chaat, aloo took, aloo tuk, aluchi bhaji, apple kheer, apple rabri, apple salad, arbi curry, arbi fry, arbi masala, arbi sabji, arhar dal, arhardal, atta biscuit, avocado chapati, avocado egg toast, avocado roti, avocado salad, avocado scramble egg, baadi, babi potato salad onion cheese, baby corn butter, baby corn jalfrezi, baby corn masala, badaam pasanda, badam halwa, badam milk, badil, baigan ka bharta, baingan bharta, baingan ka bharta, bakar bhaji, baked potato, baklava, balchao, banana apple mash, banana crepes, banana dosa, banana ice cream, banana kofta, bananadosa, bean soup, beasn, beasn bhaje, beasn bread toast, beasn ladoo, bebinca, beer, beetroot, beetroot carrot raita, beetroot celery juice, beetroot crepes, beetroot halwa, beetroot jam, beetroot juice, beetroot kootu, beetroot muffin, beetroot pancake, beetroot paratha, beetroot poriyal, beetroot raita, beetroot raita coconut, beetroot salad, bell paper parsley rice, bell papper parsley rice, bell pepper parsley rice, besan Thepla, besan bhurji, besan bread, besan bread toast, besan burfi, besan dhokla, besan halwa, besan ka cheela, besan ka halwa, besan ladoo, besan peda, besan rolls, besan thepla, bhakar bhaji, bread crumbs, brocolli, celery juice, chicken pasanda, chole, dahi papdi chana chaat, dal tadka, dosa, goan bebinca, green chutney, kadhi, palak bhaji, poha, poori, prawn balchao, red bean soup, rice, roti, sabzi, salad, sandwich, scrambled egg, sprouts, subway, yogurt

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