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Akabare Khursani, Apple, Artichoke, Ash Gourd (Kubhindo), Asparagus (Kurilo), Avocado, Bacon, Bamboo Shoots (Tama), Banana, Beans, Beaten Rice (Chiura), Beef, Beetroot, Bethu ko Saag, Bitter Gourd, Black Lentils, Black beans, Bottle Gourd (Lauka), Bread, Brinjal, Broad Beans (Bakullo), Broccoli, Buff Meat, Butter, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrot, Cassava (Ghar Tarul), Cauliflower, Chayote(iskus), Cheese, Chicken, Chicken Gizzards, Chickpeas, Chili Pepper (Khursani), Chili Powder, Chowmein Noodles, Cinnamon, Coriander (Dhaniya), Corn, Cornflakec, Crab Meat, Cucumber, Egg, Farsi ko Munta, Fiddlehead Ferns (Niguro), Fish, Garden Peas, Garden cress(Chamsur ko saag), Garlic, Ginger, Green Brinjal, Green Lentils, Green Mint (Pudina), Green Peas, Green Soyabean (Hariyo Bhatmas), Gundruk, Ham, Ice, Jack Fruit, Ketchup, Lapsi (Nepali Hog Plum), Lemon (Nimbu), Lime (Kagati), Long Beans (Bodi), Masyaura, Milk, Minced Meat, Moringa Leaves (Sajyun ko Munta), Mushroom, Mutton, Nutrela (Soya Chunks), Okra (Bhindi), Olive Oil, Onion, Onion Leaves, Orange, Palak (Indian Spinach), Palungo (Nepali Spinach), Paneer, Papaya, Pea, Pear, Pointed Gourd (Chuche Karela), Pork, Potato, Pumpkin (Farsi), Radish, Rahar ko Daal, Rayo ko Saag, Red Beans, Red Lentils, Rice (Chamal), Sajjyun (Moringa Drumsticks), Salt, Sausage, Snake Gourd (Chichindo), Soy Sauce, Soyabean (Bhatmas), Sponge Gourd (Ghiraula), Stinging Nettle (Sisnu), Strawberry, Sugar, Sweet Potato (Suthuni), Taro Leaves (Karkalo), Taro Root(Pidalu), Thukpa Noodles, Tofu, Tomato, Tori ko Saag, Tree Tomato (Rukh Tamatar), Turnip, Wallnut, Water Melon, Wheat, Yellow Lentils, kimchi, mayonnaise, noodle, seaweed

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