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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Emergency Response Systems: The "fire detection" model can be integrated into security systems of commercial or residential properties to detect potential fire hazards and instantly alert the emergency services, typical users being fire departments and security companies.

  2. Forest Fire Detection: The model can be used in combination with drone or satellite imagery to detect early start of forest fires, thus enabling quick response to prevent larger wildfires. The typical users would be environmental protection agencies and government organizations.

  3. Industry Safety: Industries with high risk of fire, such as oil refineries or power plants, can use the model to constantly monitor their facilities for any signs of fire or unusual smoke, contributing to workplace safety. The key users would be industrial corporations and safety inspectors.

  4. Insurance Companies: By analyzing imagery of fire damages, insurance companies could use this model to assist in claim assessment and fraud detection. Insurance companies and insurance investigators would be main users.

  5. Smart Home Systems: Home automation developers can implement this model in their smart home systems to provide an additional layer of security, alerting homeowners of any fire threats in real-time. The primary users include smart home system developers and homeowners.

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