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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated Inventory Management: The model can be used in supermarkets and grocery stores to manage and track inventory on shelves in real time. The system could identify when particular items are running low or out of stock and trigger restocking.

  2. Smart Shopping Apps: Retailers can utilize this model to build shopping applications that help customers locate items in the store. Users simply input their shopping list into the app, and the app guides them to the location of each item in the store.

  3. Online Grocery Shopping: E-commerce platforms can use this model to verify if the correct item has been scanned during the packing of an online order. This ensures that customers receive the right products.

  4. Assisted Shopping for Visually Impaired: The model can support applications that assist visually impaired customers with their shopping. The app would narrate what items are on the shelf as the user moves their phone camera or specialized glasses over them.

  5. Nutritional Information and Allergen Warning: The model can be integrated into a system that provides additional information about the products, such as nutrition facts or allergen warnings, by identifying the product and pulling up the relevant data for the user.

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Bakery, Biscuits, Bombons, Canned, Cereals, Cheese, Chips, Choco, Coffee, Creme, DriedFruitsAndNuts, IceTea, Jars, Juices, Milk, Oil-Vinegar, Pasta, Rice, Sauce, Snacks, SoftDrinks, Soups, Spices, Spreads, Tea, Water, Yoghurt, chocolate

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688 images
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