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Bachelorarbeit Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Robotics and Engineering Education: This model could be utilized in educational settings, such as universities and colleges, where students are learning about robotics. It could help identify and classify different iPad-Roboters designs, assisting students in understanding the key components and characteristics of each class.

  2. Robotics Competition: In a robotics competition setting, this model could be used to help judges categorize and score different iPad-Roboter designs according to their class. It could also assist participants in recognizing and studying their competition.

  3. Inventory Management: Businesses that manufacture or sell iPad-Roboters could use this model to sort and catalogue their inventory. By recognizing different classes of iPad-Roboters, the model can help streamline the inventory process.

  4. Quality Control: Manufacturers of iPad-Roboters could use this model to identify and classify their products as part of the quality control process. The model can detect if the manufactured robot matches the intended design and class.

  5. Automated Surveillance: In environments where iPad-Roboters are utilized, such as factories, warehouses, or laboratories, the model can act as a part of a surveillance system. It would be able to detect and classify the types of iPad-Roboters operating in a certain area, providing useful information on their distribution and activity.

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