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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Educational App: Use the model in an educational app meant for children to help them learn and identify different drawings. When a child draws something, the app identifies and labels the drawing in real-time.

  2. Content Filtering: Implement the model in social networks or content sharing platforms to identify and auto-tag user-uploaded sketches, helping to improve content categorization and searchability.

  3. Augmented Reality Game: In an AR-based game, players could draw an object in the real world, which the game would identify and then animate or interact with in the gaming environment.

  4. Graphic Design Software: Design software could utilize the model to offer suggestions to designers based on their current project. Drawing a tree, for example, might prompt the software to suggest similar tree designs for inspiration.

  5. Image Sorting: Use the model in photo storage or organization software to categorize and sort drawings or sketches based on their contents, making it easier for users to manage their collections.

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