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Object Detection




0 animal autopart bakedgoods bicycle bicyclewheel bird blender boat book bookcase bottle bowl box boy building candy car carnivore cat chair chestofdrawers christmastree clothing coffeecup computerkeyboard conveniencestore couch cowboyhat curtain dairy desk diningtable dog doll door dress drink fashionaccessory fastfood fedora fish flower food footwear frenchfries furniture girl glasses glove goggles hamburger handbag hat helmet house humanarm humanbody humanear humaneye humanface humanhair humanhand humanhead humanleg humanmouth humannose icecream jacket jeans kitchenappliance landvehicle laptop lifejacket luggageandbags mammal man mixer motorbike motorcycle musicalkeyboard person piano pillow plant plastic bag plasticbag poster pottedplant sandal sandwich seafood sheep shelf shirt shorts skirt snack sofabed sombrero squirrel stool sunglasses sunhat swimwear table tea teddybear telephone television tent tire toy train tree trousers truck tvmonitor vase vegetable vehicle wastecontainer watch wheel window woman

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