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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Recipe Assistant Application: A cooking app or food recipe website could use this model to identify specific Ivorian dishes in user-uploaded photos, thus assisting users in identifying and preparing Ivorian cuisines, or even suggesting suitable recipes based on identified dishes.

  2. Cultural Education and Research: Cultural institutions or educational platforms could use this model to educate students or the general public about Ivorian culinary practices. It could be used to classify photos in an online course or multimedia presentation about Ivorian cuisine.

  3. Quality Control in Restaurants: Ivorian-themed restaurants could integrate this model into their quality control process, tagging each dish based on the model's prediction and ensuring that the food appearance meets an expected standard for the designated cuisine.

  4. Diet and Nutrition Tracker Applications: A diet and nutrition app could use this model to help Ivorians or people who eat Ivorian food track their caloric intake more accurately based on the identified dishes.

  5. Food Delivery Services: Such platforms could use this model to analyze and verify if the requested Ivorian dish matches with what is prepared for delivery, ensuring the right order has been made. Users could also use it to discover new dishes based on images alone.

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