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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System: Use the "traffic" model to analyze real-time traffic conditions, detect unusual events (such as accidents or congestion), and assist authorities in making data-driven decisions to manage traffic flow efficiently.

  2. Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: Implement the "traffic" model in self-driving cars to identify and distinguish between different types of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, allowing the autonomous system to make safe and informed decisions while navigating in complex traffic scenarios.

  3. Parking Management and Surveillance: Apply the "traffic" model to monitor and manage parking lots or public spaces, detecting unauthorized vehicles, identifying vehicle types for appropriate parking spots, and ensuring proper space utilization.

  4. Traffic Safety Analysis and Infrastructure Planning: Utilize the "traffic" model to analyze traffic patterns in urban environments, identify areas or intersections with problematic traffic flows or frequent accidents, and aid city planners in designing safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure.

  5. Ride-hailing and Fleet Management: Integrate the "traffic" model into ride-hailing platforms or fleet management systems to quickly identify vehicle types (e.gr. taxi, van, or truck), allowing for more accurate dispatch of appropriate vehicles to clients and better resource allocation.

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