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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Maritime Vessel Identification – The model can be used to scan and identify various text classes on maritime vessels. The text could include the boat number, registration information, names, etc. This could be useful for security monitoring in ports, harbours or maritime borders.

  2. Environmental Monitoring – Employing drones or satellites equipped with this model, authorities can monitor the environment for potential unauthorized human activities, identifying text on boats or equipment that could signal illegal fishing or dumping activities. The model can help identify the vessels associated with these potential violations.

  3. Maritime Search and Rescue Operations – The model can be used in search and rescue operations to identify distress signals, boat names, or other identifiable text in images taken by search drones or aircraft. This can aid in the quick location and identification of missing vessels.

  4. Boating Events and Regatta Management – This model could be used for the management of boating events and regattas to monitor the progress of individual boats during a race using the unique numbers/text present on the boats.

  5. Asset Management in Marine Industry – Companies involved in maritime activities could use this model to keep track of their assets in large marine yards. With the help of a drone or fixed cameras, the system can locate and monitor the state of any given vessel by identifying the unique text imprinted on them.

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