Dung Le


Object Detection

ctrafffic Computer Vision Project


1828 images
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Dung Le

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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


Ahead only Beware of ice/snow Bicycles crossing Bumpy road Children crossing Dangerous curve left Dangerous curve right Double curve End no passing veh>3.5 tons End of no passing End of speed limit (80km/h) End speed + passing limits General caution Go straight or left Go straight or right Keep left Keep right No entry No passing No passing veh over 3.5 tons No vehicles Pedestrians Priority road Right-of-way at intersection Road narrows on the right Road work Roundabout mandatory Slippery road Speed limit (100km/h) Speed limit (120km/h) Speed limit (20km/h) Speed limit (30km/h) Speed limit (50km/h) Speed limit (60km/h) Speed limit (70km/h) Speed limit (80km/h) Stop Traffic signals Turn left ahead Turn right ahead Veh>3.5 tons prohibited Wild animals crossing Yield