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Object Detection




Bisque shrimp pasta, Crab Soybean Paste soup, Grilled Eel, Grilled Fish, Margherita pizza, Raw shrimp, Stir-Fried Pork, Tendon, apple pie, baby back ribs, beef tartare, beet salad, boiled pork, bread pudding, breakfast burrito, cannoli, ceviche, cheese plate, cheesecake, chicken curry, chicken quesadilla, chicken wings, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, clam chowder, club sandwich, crab cakes, croque madame, cup cakes, deviled eggs, donuts, eggplant, escargots, filet mignon, foie gras, french fries, french onion soup, french toast, fried calamari, fried rice, frozen yogurt, garlic bread, gnocchi, greek salad, grilled cheese sandwich, guacamole, gyoza, hamburger, hot and sour soup, hot dog, hummus, ice cream, lobster bisque, macaroni and cheese, miso soup, molokhia, nachos, omelette, onion rings, oysters, pancakes, peking duck, pork chop, prime rib, ravioli, samosa, soy bean paste soup, spaghetti bolognese, spaghetti carbonara, spring rolls, steak, strawberry shortcake, stuffed grape leaves, sushi, sweet potato, tacos, takoyaki, tiramisu, waffles

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