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Driver's dectection Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. "Distracted Driving Prevention": This model can be used in safety applications to identify and alert drivers who are not focusing on the road. By identifying whether the driver's hand is on the wheel, phone, or holding a cup, it can help to monitor and prevent distracted driving.

  2. "Consumer Behavior Analysis in Autonomous Cars": As self-driving vehicles grow in popularity, this model can be used to collect data on how users spend their time when not driving. Identifying how often they use their phone or drink from a cup could contribute to designing more useful and ergonomic interiors.

  3. "Driver Monitoring System (DMS)": The model can be integrated into driver monitoring systems to ensure the driver's attention during manual or assisted driving. By recognizing if the driver's hand is on the wheel or elsewhere, it can contribute to safety measures like engaging an autopilot or issuing a warning sound if the driver is not holding the wheel.

  4. "Thumbnail Generation for Driving Video Clips": The model can be used in media to automatically generate relevant thumbnails for video clips. By identifying key frames where the driver's hand is clearly visible on the wheel, a phone, or a cup, it can generate thumbnails that are informative about the content of the video.

  5. "Data Collection for Ergonomic Studies": The model can contribute to ergonomic studies by collecting data on how drivers naturally position their hands while driving. This could provide valuable information for the design of more ergonomic car interiors or driving assist devices.

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