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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Ancient Scripts and Symbol Translation: The hhstaw model could be utilized by archaeologists, historians, and linguists to identify and decipher ancient scripts and symbols found in manuscripts, monuments, or artifacts.

  2. Glyph-based Communication Systems: hhstaw may be helpful in creating a visual language application for people who communicate using alternative communication systems, such as people with cognitive or communication challenges (e.g., dyslexia, aphasia) or for creating a glyph-based chat or messaging system.

  3. Cultural and Artistic Research: The model could be applied to research various aspects of cultural and artistic expressions by analyzing symbols and glyphs in artworks, graffiti, and other visual materials.

  4. Education and Language Learning: hhstaw could be integrated into educational platforms to support the learning of languages, scripts or writing systems that use unique glyphs, and help students reinforce their knowledge through automated glyph identification and quizzes.

  5. Advanced OCR and Document Processing: The model can be integrated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to support the recognition and extraction of unconventional characters, symbols or glyphs from documents, which can prove beneficial in specific fields, such as cryptography, encoding, or industry-specific document analysis.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Object Detection




B{-..} B{R+} D E E{L|=} F G J M{R+} M{__} N P{-.} P{R+} Q R R{---} T{--} V{_/} W W{--} Z Z{--} Z{-|O} Z{-|} Z{L(}{-|} Z{Ro} u0023 u0023{-......} u0023{^_}{__} u0024 u0025 u0026 u002a u002a{R-|} u003d u0043 u0054 u0065 u0067 u0067{R3} u0067{_-} u006d u006d{--} u006d{^+} u007E u007c u00d8 u00f4 u00f7 u010d u0153 u0166 u0186 u0195 u01c2 u01c2{--} u01c3 u0223 u0223{-.-} u0223{-.} u0236 u0236{---} u0236{--} u0239 u0255 u0255{--} u0255{-.} u0255{R..} u025f u0266 u0271 u0271{-|} u0273 u0273{__} u0278 u0281 u028d u028d{__} u0292 u0293 u0294 u0295 u02e5{--} u0391 u039b u03D6 u03a5 u03a5{---} u03a5{--} u03a5{L.}{^.}{R.} u03a9 u03b1 u03b2 u03b8 u03b8{---} u03ba u03ba{--} u03bb u03c0 u03c0{-.}{_} u03c0{R+} u03c0{__} u03c4 u03c6 u03c6{--} u03c7 u03c7{--} u03c7{-||} u03c7{Le} u03c7{R.} u03c7{_+} u03c9 u03c9{----} u03c9{^._} u03ca{^.} u03d5 u03f4 u03fa u03fe u03ff u0404 u040a u04ba u04f4 u0564 u057f u06ba u06ba{-.} u0700 u07c2 u07c2{---} u092c u0a17 u0a6c u0a9b u0ba3 u0bb7 u0ce7 u0ce7{-.} u0ceb u0ced u0d1d u0d1d{--} u0e87 u0e87{----} u0e87{---} u0e87{--} u0e87{-.} u0e87{-|} u0e87{^-} u0e87{^~} u0e87{_-} u0e94 u0ebd u0ebd{--} u0ebd{--}{^.} u1030e{^T} u10497 u104a6 u10b0 u10c0{-/.} u10c4 u10c5 u10da u10dd u1225 u12cb u130c u1325 u1325{__} u13ce u13ce{^.} u13ce{^u} u1402 u1402{^o}{_o} u1426 u1430 u1430{_-} u1433 u1433{L...} u1433{L..} u1438 u146b u146b{-x} u146d u146f u146f{-.} u1472 u1472{^~} u14af u1510 u1542 u1543 u1546 u160c u163b u166d u167a u1683{--} u1683{__} u1684 u1685 u1685{__} u1687 u1687{Re} u1688 u1691 u1692 u1693 u1722 u1723 u18d9 u1F4D6 u1d129 u1d129{^.}{_.} u1d13 u1d133 u1d15f{R---} u1d15f{R--} u1d15f{R-} u1d19{RR} u1d201 u1d201{R.} u1d218 u1d24 u1d48 u1d503 u1d503{R.} u1d507 u1d53c u1d54f u1d70b u1d730 u1d78f u1dc9 u1e70 u1f300 u1f334 u1f33f u1f377 u1f37a u1f382 u1f388 u1f389 u1f3a9 u1f3ca u1f3e0 u1f3f0 u1f3f3 u1f3f5 u1f449 u1f451 u1f451{-O} u1f47b u1f4cc u1f4dc u1f709 u1f70d u1f713 u1f71a u1f71b u1f71d{--} u1f723 u1f723{--} u1f724 u1f725 u1f726 u1f729 u1f72c u1f737 u1f737{^o} u1f738 u1f73f u1f746 u1f746{L|}{_|}{R|} u1f74a u1f74b u1f74b{L|_}{^_} u1f74d u1f753 u1f753{^.} u1f75e u1f75e{__} u1f761 u1f761{--} u1f76a u1f76a{--} u1f76a{-^} u1f76c u1f97e u1f9f2 u1fa93 u2020 u2020{L.}{__}{R.} u2020{Lc} u2020{_^} u2020{__} u2026 u2026{--} u203b u205c{LC} u20df u20df{-_}{_|} u20df{L|}{-_}{_|}{R|} u20df{^|} u20df{_|} u2113 u2118 u2119 u211e u2125 u2132 u2136 u2136{LS} u2136{LS}{__} u2144 u214f u2164 u216b{--} u2171 u2186 u2191 u2194 u2197 u219f u21a5 u2200 u221e u221e{--} u221f u2248 u224e u2261 u2290 u2290{L.} u2293 u2293{-/} u2293{-\} u2293{R-} u2293{^+} u2293{_.} u2295 u2297{-|_} u22a1 u22a2 u22a3 u22a5 u22b8{-|} u22b8{L|} u22b8{L|}{-.} u22c2{R-} u22ca u22ca{^.}{_.} u22ee{L|}{R|} u22f0{-/} u22f2 u22fa u2307 u2316 u231c u231d u231e u231f u2327 u2333 u2334 u2334{^.} u2336 u234b u234e{_||||} u2352{^.} u23db{L|}{R|} u23e2 u23e2{^_} u2566 u2567{L|}{R|} u2571{---} u2571{R---} u2571{R--} u2571{R-} u25A1 u25A1{-+++} u25A1{-+} u25A1{--} u25A1{-......} u25A1{-Z} u25A1{^+} u25A1{^_}{-.} u25A1{^|-} u25A1{^|-}{-.} u25A1{^|} u25A1{_|.} u25A1{_|_} u25ad{__} u25af u25b3 u25b3{-.} u25b3{-0} u25b3{-_} u25b3{-|} u25b3{R-|} u25b3{RB} u25b3{^_} u25b3{^_}{-.} u25b3{_|||} u25b7 u25ca u25ce u25eb u25ec u25ef u25ef{-//} u25ef{-|-} u25ef{L-}{R-} u25ef{^_} u25ef{^|-} u25ef{^|||} u25ff u2601 u2601{_J} u2609 u2609{L-}{R-} u2609{^|||} u2609{^|}{_|} u2609{_|||} u260a u260a{--} u260a{-..} u260b u260c{R/|||} u260c{R|||} u263E u263f u2640 u2640{----} u2640{--} u2640{-.} u2641 u2642 u2644 u2647 u2648 u2648{---} u2648{--} u2648{^-} u2648{^.} u2649 u264a u264b u264d u264f u2650 u2651 u2651{-...} u2652 u2667{--} u266e u2683 u2693 u269C{_J} u26af u26b3 u26b4 u26ba u26bb u26bb{R.} u26bb{__} u26cb u26db u26db{-.}{__} u26db{__} u26dd u26e4 u26f0 u2709 u2723 u2733 u2733{_.}{R.} u27bf u27c6 u27c6{L.}{R.} u27d2 u27d7{^.}{_.} u27da u27dc u27dc{-.} u27dc{L|} u27dc{R||} u27dc{R|} u27dc{R|}{-.} u27f7{-|} u2909 u2914 u291a u297f u29b5 u29b5{R<} u29b6 u29bb u29be{--|} u29c5 u29df u29df{-X} u29df{-|||} u29df{-||} u29df{-|} u29e2 u29e6 u29e6{--} u29f2{^-}{_-} u2a07 u2a33 u2a4b u2a5a{---} u2a68 u2aa5 u2acd u2ad4 u2ad7 u2ad8 u2ad8{-x} u2add u2ae6 u2aef u2aef{--} u2aef{-.} u2aef{-|} u2aef{_^} u2af0 u2af0{--} u2af0{-.} u2af0{-|} u2af1 u2b35 u2c02 u2c57 u2caf u2caf{--} u2caf{_.} u2cc0 u2cc0{---} u2cc0{--} u2d34 u2d4e u2d56 u2d56{__} u2d5b u2d63 u2e2c u2e3a{-||} u3059 u3059 {--} u3059{---} u3059{--} u30e7 u30e7{L+} u30f0 u31fd ua516 ua51b ua51f ua52c ua54a ua551 ua567 ua58b ua5a1 ua5a2 ua5a2{^.} ua5bb ua5e2 ua607{^~} ua609 ua623 ua72b ua746 ua746{^-|} ufbab ufe0f ufeea

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