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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Home Automation: In-house surveillance cameras could use this model to peform intelligent categorisation and tracking of objects and people, triggering specific actions when certain items or individuals are identified. This could be from turning on lights when a person enters a room to notifying owners if an unknown vehicle is detected.

  2. Urban Planning and Analysis: Municipalities could use this model to analyze complex cityscapes and better understand their usage, for instance the distribution of person, vehicle, tree, or building classes. This could aid in more efficiently planning city modifications, environmental improvements, or traffic management.

  3. Virtual Reality and Gaming: This model could aid in the creation of realistic indoor/outdoor environments by recognizing real-world locations, objects, and textures which could then be used as templates or inspirations in-game. It could also be used in AR applications to overlay information or graphics based on the detected category.

  4. Retail Analytics: In-store cameras could use this model to distinguish customers (person classes) from staff and to track customer movements and interactions with products (other classes). This information could be used for designing a better store layout, improving customer service, or optimizing product placement.

  5. Disaster Response Systems: Emergency services could use this model for analyzing images or live video feeds from disaster-stricken areas to quickly identify damaged buildings, blocked roads, or people in need of rescue. This could significantly improve their response efficiency and save lives.

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Instance Segmentation




Building_01, Building_010, Building_011, Building_012, Building_013, Building_014, Building_015, Building_02, Building_03, Building_03., Building_04, Building_05, Building_06, Building_07, Building_08, Building_09, Building_10, Building_11, Column_01, Column_02, Column_03, Column_04, Column_05, Column_06, Column_07, Column_08, Column_09, Column_10, Column_11, Column_12, Decorations_01, Decorations_04, Device_03, Device_04, Device_05, Other_01, Other_01., Other_02, Other_045, Other_046, Other_047, Other_048, Other_049, Other_15, Other_16, Stair_01, Stair_02, Stair_03, Stair_04, Stair_05, Vehicle_01, Vehicle_02, Vehicle_02., Vehicle_03, bed_01, bed_02, bed_03, bilding_02, buidling_01, buidling_02, buidling_03, buidling_07, buidling_08, buiilding_07, buildin_05, building_01, building_016, building_017, building_04, buulding_01, cabinet, cabinet_01, cabinet_02, cabinet_03, cabinet_04, cabinet_05, cahir_03, cebinet_01, ceiling_01, ceiling_02, ceiling_03, ceiling_04, ceiling_05, ceiling_06, ceiling_07, chair01, chair_01, chair_02, chair_03, chair_04, chair_05, chair_06, chair_07, chair_08, chair_09, chair_10, chair_11, chair_12, chair_13, chair_14, chair_15, chair_16, chair_17, chair_18, chair_19, chair_20, chair_21, cloud_01, cloud_02, cloud_03, cloud_04, column_07, decoaration_01, decoaration_02, decoaration_04, decoaration_05, decoaration_06, decoaration_07, decoaration_08, decoation_04, decoration_01, decoration_02, decoration_03, decoration_04, decoration_05, decoration_06, decoration_07, decoration_08, decoration_09, decoration_10, decoration_11, decoration_12, decoration_13, decoration_14, decoration_15, decorations_01, decorations_02, decorations_03, decorations_04, decorations_05, decorations_06, decorations_07, decorations_08, decorations_09, decorations_10, decorations_11, device_01, device_02, door_01, door_02, door_03, door_04, door_05, door_06, door_07, door_08, floor, floor_01, floor_02, floor_03, floor_04, floor_05, floor_06, floor_07, floor_08, floor_09, floor_10, floor_11, floor_12, floor_13, floor_14, floor_17, glass windows, graa_02, grass, grass 2.3, grass02, grass_01, grass_02, grass_02., grass_03, grass_04, grass_05, grass_06, grass_07, grass_08, grass_09, grass_10, grass_11, grass_14, grass_15, ground_01, ground_02, ground_03, ground_04, ground_05, ground_06, ground_07, ground_08, ground_09, ground_10, ground_10\, ground_11, ground_12, other_010, other_011, other_012, other_013, other_014, other_015, other_016, other_02, other_02., other_03, other_033, other_04, other_05, other_050, other_051, other_052, other_06, other_07, other_08, other_09, other_10, other_11, other_12, other_13, other_14, other_17, other_18, other_19, other_20, other_21, other_22, other_23, other_24, other_25, other_26, other_27, other_28, other_29, other_30, other_31, other_32, other_33, other_34, other_35, other_36, other_37, other_38, other_39, other_40, other_41, other_42, other_43, other_44, others01, others02, others_01, others_02, others_03, others_04, others_05, people_01, people_02, person_01, person_010, person_011, person_012, person_013, person_014, person_02, person_02., person_03, person_04, person_05, person_06, person_07, person_08, person_09, person_10, person_11, person_12, person_13, person_14, person_15, person_16, person_17, person_18, person_21, person_22, person_23, person_24, person_25, person_26, person_27, person_28, person_29, personal_01, plant_01, plant_010, plant_02, plant_03, plant_04, plant_05, plant_06, plant_07, plant_08, plant_09, plants_02, pther_16, road_01, road_02, road_03, road_04, road_05, soda_01, soda_02, sofa_01, sofa_02, sofa_03, sofa_04, sofa_05, sofa_06, stair_06, table, table _02, table _03, table_01, table_02, table_03, table_04, table_05, table_06, table_07, table_08, table_09, table_10, table_11, table_12, table_13, tablel_07, tree_01, tree_010, tree_011, tree_012, tree_013, tree_02, tree_025, tree_026, tree_027, tree_028, tree_029, tree_03, tree_030, tree_04, tree_04., tree_043, tree_05, tree_06, tree_07, tree_08, tree_09, tree_10, tree_11, tree_12, tree_13, tree_14, tree_15, tree_16, tree_17, tree_18, tree_19, tree_20, tree_21, tree_22, tree_23, tree_24, tree_31, tree_32, tree_33, tree_34, tree_35, tree_36, tress_01, tress_02, vehicle_01, vehicle_010, vehicle_011, vehicle_012, vehicle_013, vehicle_014, vehicle_02, vehicle_03, vehicle_04, vehicle_05, vehicle_06, vehicle_07, vehicle_08, vehicle_09, vehicle_10, vehicle_11, vehicle_12, vehicle_13, wall, wall_01, wall_02, wall_03, wall_04, wall_05, wall_06, wall_07, wall_08, wall_09, wall_10, wall_11, wall_12, wall_13, wall_14, water_01, water_02, water_03, water_04, water_05, water_06, window_01, window_02, window_03, window_04, window_05, window_06, window_07, window_08, window_09, window_10, window_11

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