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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Environmental Conservation: Researchers and wildlife management professionals can use the Sturgeon Training model to monitor sturgeon populations in their natural habitats, helping them assess the health of these endangered species and inform conservation efforts.

  2. Fishing Industry Compliance: Regulatory agencies can leverage the model to identify sturgeons caught accidentally as bycatch, ensuring that fishing activities comply with regulations and promote sustainable practices.

  3. Recreational Fishing Applications: To enhance the experience of recreational anglers, the model could identify captured sturgeon, bubble, or null species, helping them improve their catch-and-release practices while adhering to conservation guidelines.

  4. Aquaculture Research: Sturgeon Training could assist researchers in aquaculture facilities by identifying and classifying different sturgeon classes, allowing for better understanding of their growth patterns and supporting informed decisions related to breeding and stock management.

  5. Educational and Public Awareness: By incorporating this model into mobile apps or websites, educational institutions and environmental organizations can create interactive experiences to educate the public about sturgeon ecology, conservation, and the threats they face, fostering environmental stewardship among the general populace.

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