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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Environment Study: The model can be used by scientists and researchers for environmental studies to identify and track the distribution of different lichen, flora, fauna, and habitat types in desired areas.

  2. Climate Change Studies: This model may help in climate change studies, where the impact on different species like lichens, bouleau, and saules can be tracked over time. Changes in frequency and distribution can indicate shifting climate patterns.

  3. Wildlife Conservation: The capability to recognize bears and insects can be used for wildlife conservation efforts, to estimate their populations, and track their movements and behaviors in different types of environments.

  4. Land Management: The model could be used for effective land management by helping to understand the current status of various types of landscapes (prairies, forests, water bodies, etc.) and their inhabitants.

  5. Ecotourism: By analyzing the distribution of several entities like small fruits, mushrooms, and wildlife (bears), the model may assist in planning ecotourism routes that offer rich biodiversity and remarkable experiences.

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Bouleau, Brouillard, Champignons, Ensoleillé, Forêt boréale, Graminées et carex, Herbacées latifoliées, Insectes, Lacs et cours d’eau, Lichens, Nuageux, Ours, Petits fruits, Prairie humide, Prairie toundrique, Rocs et rochers, Saules, Zone arbustive, Étendues enneigées

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