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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Wildlife Conservation: The model could be used by wildlife conservation researchers to analyze photos or videos from field cameras. It can help to identify hair loss severity in different body parts among various age groups and sexes in moose populations, thus offering insights into their health conditions.

  2. Veterinary Applications: Veterinary health professionals could utilize this model to determine the severity of hair loss in different body parts of animals brought into their practice. It can help to diagnose the health conditions of animals and apply appropriate treatments based on hair loss patterns correlated with different age groups and sexes.

  3. Animal Welfare Monitoring: Animal rights organizations can use the model to monitor the condition of animals in situations of possible neglect or mistreatment. By analyzing the extent and pattern of hair loss, they can determine if animals are being properly cared for or need intervention.

  4. Hunter Management: Natural resource agencies could use this model to manage hunting practices. Identifying the age and hair loss severity of the animal population can offer inputs for setting hunting quotas or restrictions in order to protect vulnerable groups.

  5. Zoological Studies: This model can be applied in zoos to monitor the health of animals. It could provide early detection signs of illness by identifying abnormal patterns of hair loss in the animals.

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Adult, Adult_ medium, Adult_high, Adult_low, Belly_0, Belly_100, Belly_25, Belly_50, Belly_75, Female_ medium, Female_high, Female_low, First_winter, First_winter_high, First_winter_medium, Head_0, Head_100, Head_25, Head_50, Head_75, Male, Male _high, Male_ medium, Male_low, Neck_0, Neck_100, Neck_25, Neck_50, Neck_75, Newborn, Newborn_high, Rump_0, Rump_100, Rump_25, Rump_50, Rump_75, Second_winter_high, Second_winter_low, Shoulder_0, Shoulder_100, Shoulder_25, Shoulder_50, Shoulder_75, second_winter_medium

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