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Object Detection

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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Construction and Renovation Planning: RENOVIA-TEST1 can be used by architects, engineers, and construction managers to quickly identify different building components within images of existing structures. They can use this information to plan targeted renovations or alterations, understanding the layout of the various elements within the space.

  2. Real Estate and Facility Management: Real estate agents and facility managers can use the RENOVIA-TEST1 model to create detailed summaries of the features and objects within properties. This will allow them to effectively market properties and create comprehensive facility inventories, ensuring accurate descriptions and valuable information is available for potential buyers or tenants.

  3. Energy Efficiency Audits: Energy auditors and consultants can use RENOVIA-TEST1 to identify essential building components, such as windows, doors, ventilation systems, and radiators, within images of residential or commercial spaces. By understanding the type and location of these components, they can better provide recommendations for energy efficiency improvements or retrofits.

  4. Interior Design and Space Planning: Interior designers and space planners can use RENOVIA-TEST1 to gain insights into the existing layout of building objects within an image of a room. They can then accurately determine the possibilities for rearranging or redesigning the space, ensuring a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing final design.

  5. Maintenance and Repair Management: Property owners, maintenance teams, and repair service providers can utilize RENOVIA-TEST1 to quickly identify building components in need of repair or maintenance. By locating specific objects like radiators, air conditioning units, or lighting fixtures, they can better diagnose and address repair issues, leading to a more efficient maintenance process.

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Dataset HVAC

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Object Detection




Bouche d'aération, Bouche d-aeration, Climatiseur Type 1, Dalle, Fenetre Type 1, Fenetre Type 2, Fenêtre Type 1, Fenêtre Type 2, Luminaire Type 1, Luminaire Type 2, Luminaire Type 3, Luminaire type 4, Porte Type 1, Porte Type 2, Radiateur Type 1, Radiateur Type 2

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