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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Crowdsourced Politics: Political analysts and researchers could utilize the 'Donald Trump fan group' model to analyze patterns of transportation used by attendees in political rallies or events associated with Donald Trump. By correctly identifying and quantifying the variety of vehicles present, they could draw conclusions about the demographic and regional preferences of Trump supporters.

  2. Public Safety and Policing: The model could be used by public safety departments or police to monitor and manage traffic at large scale Trump supporter gatherings or parades. They could estimate the number of various vehicles classes present and adjust their crowd/traffic control strategies accordingly, aiding in smoother control of traffic during these public events.

  3. Event Management: Organizers of political events or rallies can use this model to better arrange parking and logistics. By estimating the volume and variety of vehicles expected, they can design efficient parking solutions and optimize space utilization.

  4. Statistical Research: Researchers might use the model to correlate vehicle types with political affiliations, examining whether particular types of transportation are more common among Trump fans.

  5. Insurance and Risk Management: Insurance companies could leverage this computer vision model to analyze the risk associated with hosting or insuring a large-scale political event like a rally. By estimating the number and types of vehicles involved, they can better predict potential insurance claims related to vehicle damage or accidents.

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