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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Bakery Product Identification: The "Donut" model can be used by bakeries or food production firms to automatically identify and sort different classes of donuts for packaging or quality control purposes.

  2. Nutritional Information Apps: Diet trackers or health-related applications can use this model to recognize different types of donuts, which can then be linked to nutritional information, giving users a simple way to count calories.

  3. Automated Ordering System: Restaurants or coffee shops can design a system where customers can simply show the donut they want, and the model would recognize the class of the donut and place the order.

  4. Smart Home Assistants: Smart refrigerators or other food storage devices can use this model to monitor the types and number of donuts present and suggest users when to replenish.

  5. Culinary Training: The model can serve as an educational tool in culinary schools or cooking classes, helping students to learn and distinguish between various types of donuts.

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