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traffic-sign-damage-detection Computer Vision Project

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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


Be aware of cyclists Beginning of zone with 30km/h speed limit Bridleway Cars allowed follow instructions from the traffic controller Cars on bike path Closed to all vehicles (both directions) Crossroads with priority Designated for charging of electric vehicles End of no parking zone End of zone with 30km/h speed limit. Footpath General caution Give way Keep right Miscellaneous Mopeds not allowed No access for bicycles No access for motor vehicles No access for vehicles with a height greater than indicated No entry in this direction No parking No parking and stopping No parking zone Number of times as indicated One-way street Others Parking area Parking facilities only for vehicle Parking for disabled drivers Parking for immediate loading/unloading Parking for permit-holders only Pass on either side Passing area on right-hand side of the road Pedal cycles and mopeds excepted Pedal cycles excepted Pedestrian crossing Pedestrians may cross the road Priority over minor road from left Priority over minor road from right Priority road Recommended speed Roundabout Route for pedal cycles and mopeds only Route for pedal cycles only Speed bump Speed limit (50km/h) Taxi rank Traffic flow in both left and right directions Traffic flow in both upcoming and ongoing directions Unknown