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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Robotics Pathfinding: The Cones_Detection_Module could be utilized in robotic pathfinding applications, where robots are programmed to recognize and navigate around big orange, small yellow, small orange, and small blue cones during operations.

  2. Traffic Management Systems: This module could aid in the development of intelligent traffic management systems, which can recognize various types of cones to specify lanes or control traffic during construction, road repairs or accidents.

  3. Driver Training Simulators: The system could be used in driving simulators to give student drivers a realistic experience of recognizing and correctly responding to cones often used in driver's training courses.

  4. Augmented Reality Games: Developers of AR games could employ this model to create immersive experiences where players must identify or interact with various types of cones in their real-world environment.

  5. Construction Site Safety: The module can be used in surveillance equipment to monitor construction sites, ensuring all safety cones are in correct positions and alerting staff if cones have been knocked over or moved from their designated places.

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