Instance Segmentation

D5G2-T01 Computer Vision Project

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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Instance Segmentation




Animal-cat Animal-mouse Animal-pig Arrow-direction Avatar-female Avatar-male Balance-scales Balloon-hot-air Barcode Bell Book Bookshelf Bot Bottle Box Bridge Browser Bucket Bullet-points Button Calendar Chair Chart-area Chart-bars Chart-pie Chart-ring Chat Chat-window Clipboard Cloud Code Compass Container Credit-card Cube Cup Curtains Device-computer Device-computer-retro Device-database Device-keyboard Device-laptop Device-mouse Device-phone Device-server-rack Device-tablet Device-thumb-drive Display-board Document Door Envelope Files Fingerprint Footprints Gauge Gear Glass Hand Hat Heart Hourglass-timer House Keyhole LIghtbulb Ladder Light Login Magnifying-glass Mailbox Measuring-tape Megaphone Microphone Microscope Money-coin Money-crypto-coin Money-notes Mountain Network Office-block Paintbrush Pen Plant Platform Process-flow Rain Rocket Screen Screwdriver Search-bar Shield Shoe Shop Shopping-bag Signature Smoke Speach-bubble Spreadsheet Star Stars-sky Symbol-database Symbol-document Symbol-email Symbol-envelope Symbol-gear Symbol-geo-marker Symbol-like Symbol-padlock Symbol-shopping-cart Symbol-smiley Symbol-tick Symbol-video-play Table Tape Target Test-tube Text Tick Traffic-lights Tree Umbrella Vault Water Wifi Wind-turbine World World-map X brand-chevron brand-cylinder brand-grid brand-pattern brand-ring character-female character-male character-wireframe chart-line geo-marker media-file-document media-file-image media-file-music media-file-video padlock rock scroll social-post symbol-code symbol-magnifying-glass symbol-money

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