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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Autonomous Vehicles: The "iSee2.0" model could be integrated into the systems of self-driving cars to help them better understand the road conditions. It can recognise other cars, crosswalks, and traffic lights, thereby aiding in navigation, traffic rule compliance, and collision avoidance.

  2. Traffic Control and Monitoring: The model could be used in traffic control systems to monitor the flow of cars and pedestrian movements, recognizing when traffic lights change, and even potentially assisting with automatic traffic signal adjustments based on real-time analysis.

  3. Public Safety and Surveillance: In the realm of public safety, this model could assist in surveillance systems by recognizing suspicious activities such as unattended cars or unusual pedestrian movements at crosswalks. It can also contribute towards ensuring road safety measures are being followed, like pedestrians' adherence to traffic lights or observing cars' compliance to traffic rules.

  4. Mapping and Geolocation Services: The model can be utilized in mapping services to provide better, real-time street view images, distinguishing between cars, traffic lights, and crosswalks. This could enhance user experience by providing highly accurate details of the road conditions or help in updating the maps based on observed changes.

  5. Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming: "iSee2.0" can be used to develop AR games that require real-world interaction, integrating recognized elements like cars, crosswalks, and traffic lights into the gameplay. For instance, creating games where players need to navigate through real streets in their immediate environment.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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