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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Marine Biology Research: The oysters model can assist marine biologists in classifying and studying different stages of oysters in their natural habitats. This can provide invaluable insights about the life cycle and behaviors of oyster populations.

  2. Environmental Conservation: The program could be used to monitor changes in a sea environment. For instance, tracking the number of open or closed oysters may provide data about the quality of the water and the overall health of a particular ecosystem.

  3. Aquaculture Operations: The model can be beneficial in the aquaculture industry to track the development and health of cultivated oyster populations. It can optimize the identification and sorting process of oysters in varying stages.

  4. Seafood Quality Control: This model could be used in commercial settings where seafood (notably oysters) are sold. The model could ensure an efficient and quick method of checking the status (open or closed) of oysters, contributing to better food safety practices.

  5. Underwater Photography Metadata: For photographers or organizations that catalogue vast numbers of underwater images, such a model could provide automated metadata about whether or not the picture includes a certain type of oyster, which can be used to streamline searches for specific image types or aid in the identification of sea life in a given image.

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Oyster-Closed, Oyster-Indeterminate, Oyster-Open

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