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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Aquaculture Inventory Management: ipro can be used to monitor and manage aquatic species, such as shrimp, in aquaculture farms by detecting and counting the organisms for better inventory control, growth assessment, and health monitoring.

  2. Automatic Sorting in Seafood Processing: Implementing ipro in seafood processing facilities will enable efficient automated sorting of various ipro classes (e.g., shrimp, head), enhancing productivity and reducing manual labor.

  3. Ecological Research: ipro can be a valuable tool for marine biologists and ecologists in studying aquatic species population dynamics and distribution by quickly and accurately identifying and classifying them in given ecosystems.

  4. Sustainable Fishing Practices: Integrate ipro in fishing equipment (e.g., trawling nets), to minimize bycatch by enabling selective fishing practices and reduce adverse impact on unintended species and marine ecosystems.

  5. Consumer Applications: Use ipro in apps or devices for consumer use, aiding in identifying and classifying seafood options at markets, restaurants, or home, promoting informed purchasing decisions and seafood traceability.

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