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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Infrastructure Maintenance: The model can be used for periodic checks of infrastructure such as bridges, railway tracks, pipelines etc. By identifying areas displaying signs of corrosion, maintenance teams can focus their resources more effectively.

  2. Marine Vessel Inspection: The automation of corrosion detection on ships and submarines can aid maritime industries in maintaining the safety and longevity of their vessels.

  3. Oil & Gas Industry: The model can be deployed for inspection of oil and gas equipment. Early detection of corrosion can prevent potential accidents and equipment failures.

  4. Automotive Industry: Car manufacturers can utilize the model in quality control, helping them identify corrosion in vehicle components and ensuring longer lifespan for vehicles.

  5. Art Conservation: The model could be used in the maintenance and preservation of metal-based artworks and monuments, providing early warnings for any corrosion related damages.

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