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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Segregation: "Robot-22/23" could be used by waste management facilities to sort and segregate trash items into their appropriate categories based on the material (i.e., plastic, paper, metal), helping in recycling processes, minimizing the environmental impact, and improving operational efficiency.

  2. Environment Sustainability Applications: Non-profit organizations or environmental enthusiasts could use "Robot-22/23" to track the amount and types of trash items in certain areas, helping to identify litter hotspots and inform clean-up efforts.

  3. Retail Management: Businesses could use "Robot-22/23" to monitor waste in their stores, find out what products are most commonly wasted, and make necessary adjustments to reduce waste, improve sustainability, and save costs.

  4. Smart Cities: The model could be integrated into smart city systems to help identify and manage litter in public spaces, thus helping to maintain cleanliness and contribute to urban environmental sustainability.

  5. Automatic Litter Collecting Robots: The model could be used in a robotics project to design an automated litter-collecting robot, which can recognize and pick up specific types of trash items as per the model's capacity. This could be used in places like parks, beaches, and city streets to automate the process of litter collection and disposal.

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', Coffee, Ice Cream, Juice, Oatly, Plastic Utensil, Sparkling Water, Tea, \, plastic spoon

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