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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Brand Monitoring: Businesses could use CLT - CHI to keep track of their brand exposure across online platforms or public spaces, providing valuable insights into customer engagement, advertising success, and unauthorized uses of their logos.

  2. Retail Analytics: Retailers could leverage the model to analyze which brands are predominantly shown in security footage. This information could be used to optimize store layouts, plan marketing strategies, or negotiate more favorable contracts with suppliers.

  3. Social Media Analysis: Marketers could employ this model to study social media trends and determine the popularity of various brands. The results could be used to direct social media advertising efforts more efficiently.

  4. Market Research: Research firms could implement the model to gauge public presence and sentiment of brands, creating detailed reports that guide decision-making for investors and marketers.

  5. Apparel Identification: E-commerce platforms could use CLT - CHI for automatic tagging on user-uploaded photos, enabling better product classification, hence improving search and recommendation systems.

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Object Detection




Adidas Apple Inc- Chanel Coca-Cola Emirates Hard Rock Cafe Mercedes-Benz NFL Nike Pepsi Puma Ralph Lauren Corporation Starbucks The North Face Toyota Under Armour

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