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Object Detection




Agricultural Vehicles Area Reserved for Buses Axle Load Limit Bus Lane Bus Parking Area Bus Stop Bus Stop Ahead Buses Only Car Park Children Warning Combined Curves Left Cone Signs Cross Road On Priority Road Cross Walk Cross Winds Curve Chevron Cycle Route Ahead Cyclist Only Danger Plate Delineators Disable Person Do Not Enter Domestic Animals Drift Dual Roadway Left Dual Roadway Straight Edge Drop End of Dual Falling Rocks General Warning Gentle Curve Give Way Goods Vehicles Not Allowed Hairpin Bend Height Restricted Information Centre Jetty Edge Keep Left Keep Right Length Limit Limited Duration Loose Stone Low Flying Aircraft Mass Limit Narrow Bridge No Buses No Cyclist No Entry No Excessive Noise No Goods Vehicle No Left Turn Ahead No Motorcar No Motorcycles No Overtaking No Parking No Pedestrians No Shopping No Stopping No Taxi No Through Road No U Turn No-Mini-Buses Oncoming Vehicles One Vehicle Width One Way Left One Way Right One Way Straight Open Bridge Ahead Overhead Danger Parking Parking Area For Taxis Pass Either Side Pedestrian Pedestrian Crossing Pedestrians Physical Impairment Crossing Proceed Left Only Proceed Right Only Proceed Straight Only Rail Crossing Ahead Road Closed Road Crash Road Humps Road Narrows Both Sides Road Narrows Left Road Narrows Right Road Works Round About Sharp Curve Left Sharp Curve Right Sharp Junction Half Left Sharp Junction Half Right Sharp Junction Left Sharp Junction Right Skew T Junction Left Slippery Road Speed Limit Staggered Junction Left Right Staggered Junction Right Left Start Of Bus Lane Steep Ascent Steep Descent Stop Stop Go Control Supplementary Message T-Junction Traffic Control Stop Ahead Traffic Lights Traffic Queue Traffic Signals Ahead Tunnel Turn Left Ahead Turn Right Ahead Two Way Traffic Uneven Unsafe Width Limit Wild Animals Winding Road Y Junction

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