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Object Detection

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ML/DL Final Project Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Medical Diagnosis: The "ML/DL Final Project" can be used in the medical industry for diagnosing internal diseases or injuries. The computer vision model can identify and analyse micro-robots in the body, assisting in minimally invasive surgeries or therapeutic interventions.

  2. Micro-Robotic Research: This model can also be used for research purposes in the development and testing of micro-robots. It could support scientists in understanding the various designs and configurations of micro-robots and markers.

  3. Education: This computer vision model can serve a crucial role in educating medical students and bioengineers about micro-robots and markers, their placement, and their role in the human body, through visual recognition of these objects in x-ray images.

  4. Quality Assurance in Manufacturing: The program can be utilized to ensure that micro-robots are being manufactured according to design and quality standards before they are used in medical applications.

  5. Therapeutic Strategies Development: In therapy planning, this model can be used to study the movements and pathways of micro-robots under various conditions, helping to design more effective therapeutic strategies.

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