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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated Inventory Management: With a tequila classification computer vision tool, businesses can manage their stock, automatically identifying and categorizing their tequila bottles. This could significantly improve efficiency in bars, liquor stores, and distribution centers.

  2. Smart POS Systems: Implement this model into Point-of-Sale systems for restaurants or bars. Staff can simply show a bottle to the camera, and the system would correctly categorize the purchase.

  3. Interactive Customer Support: In liquor stores or supermarkets, the system could be used to guide customers to find their preferred tequila brand or suggest highly-rated or similar products.

  4. Quality Control: The vision model may aid in detecting counterfeit bottles in the supply chain by comparing bottle images at the manufacturing level with retail outlets, ensuring bottle authenticity.

  5. Digital Sommelier App: Integrate the computer vision model into a mobile application that recommends tequilas to users. Users could snap a photo of a bottle and the application could provide information about the drink, such as taste notes, origin, or process of production, improving the wine and liquor shopping experience.

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