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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Recycling Centers and Waste Management Facilities: The "waste segregation" model can be used for sorting different types of waste materials more efficiently and accurately. This model can help reduce manual labor and increase the effectiveness and speed of waste sorting and recycling.

  2. Smart City Waste Management: Cities can use this model to enhance their waste disposal and recycle management systems. It can be implemented in waste collection vehicles to segregate the waste at the point of collection, thus promoting the efficient use of resources.

  3. Educational Institutions: This model can be used as an educational tool in schools, universities, or environmental science centers to demonstrate the importance and functionality of segregating waste materials and recycling.

  4. Retail Industries: Retail outlets generating a lot of waste in various forms can use this model for efficient segregation of waste in their Stores, warehouses and logistic centers, thereby contributing in reducing their environmental impact.

  5. Automated Home Waste Disposal Systems: With the growing trend of smart homes, this model can be incorporated into smart bins to segregate household waste, facilitating more effective recycling and reusing processes while promoting environmental sustainability at the domestic level.

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