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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Autism Detection and Diagnosis: This computer vision model could be used by healthcare professionals or educational institutions as a tool to aid in the early identification of autistic tendencies in children for a proper diagnosis. The earlier the autism is diagnosed, the earlier the interventions can start, which can significantly improve the child's development.

  2. Personal Monitoring: The model could be used by parents or caregivers as a tool for monitoring children’s behaviors at home. It can alert them for any unusual behavior that falls under the autism spectrum, helping parents recognize symptoms and seek professional assistance if necessary.

  3. Therapy Sessions: The model could be integrated into a therapy setting, with clinical psychologists or therapeutic professionals using it as a tool to track and monitor children's behaviors over time, which could assist in planning and adjusting personalized therapy strategies.

  4. Autism Research: The model could be a valuable resource for researchers studying autism, helping them quantify and understand the frequency of various behaviors in different contexts, contributing significantly to autism research.

  5. Education Systems: Educational institutions could benefit from using this model to monitor children's behaviors in the classroom or school setting. It could help educators understand the needs of their autistic students better and provide more effective and tailored support.

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Covering Ears, Cupping ears, Eye contact problem, Face padding, Finger Flicking, Finger sucking, Full Body Shaking, Hand Clapping, Hand Flapping, Hand leading, Hard Blinking, Head Banging, Head shacking, Inappropriate play, Jumping, Lack of Eye Contact, No shared interest, Nose picking, Pacing Back and Forth, Pitter patter, Pulling hair, Repetitive behaviour, Rocking, Roll Back and Forth, Rubbing the skin, Running, SIB(Biting), Sensory avoidance, Shaking Legs, Smelling object, Smiling, TD, Tiptoeing, Tongue wagging, Tpot stimming, Twirling, Unusual drawing ability, Watching long period of time

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