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Object Detection

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6337 images
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Casper Smit

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Object Detection




Animal Apple Axe Ball Banana Barrel Bathtub Bear Bed Bicycle Bird Boat Book Bow-and-arrow Bread Butterfly Cabbage Carrot Castle Cat Cattle Cheese Chicken Clock Coin Deer Dog Doll Dress Drink Duck Earrings Fireplace Fish Flute Food Fork Frog Goose Harp Hat Helmet Horse Human-beard Human-eye Kitchen-utensil Knife Lantern Lobster Luggage-and-bags Medical-equipment Milk Mouse Mug Musical-instrument Necklace Orange Owl Person Piano Pig Plant Reptile Sheep Shotgun Skull Spoon Squirrel Stairs Swan Teapot Tiara Tower Tree Vase Violin Weapon Wheel Wine

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