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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Vehicle Classification in Traffic Surveillance: The Cars2 model can be used in traffic surveillance systems to help identify the types of vehicles passing through highways, tolls, or monitored intersections, improving traffic data collection and assisting in road management and congestion monitoring.

  2. Parking Space Allocation and Management: The model can be implemented in smart parking systems, enabling software to allocate parking spaces based on the type of vehicle, optimize space usage, and facilitate better management of parking lots.

  3. Automotive Sales and Inventory Management: Cars2 can assist in organizing and maintaining automotive inventory at dealerships or online platforms by automatically classifying vehicles, making it easier for potential customers to search and find the car or truck they desire.

  4. Insurance and Finance Industries: The model can be useful for insurance companies and financial institutions, helping them to classify cars and trucks for risk assessment, personalized policy creation, and the calculation of premiums based on vehicle type.

  5. Road Safety Analysis: Cars2 can be used to analyze road safety hazards and plan road maintenance by examining the distribution of cars and trucks on specific road segments, providing insight into the impact of different vehicle types on wear, tear, and potential safety concerns.

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