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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Vehicle Detection and Tracking Systems: The model could be used in traffic control systems to track the movement of cars on roads. It could identify the number and type of cars on certain routes at different times, useful for traffic flow analysis and planning.

  2. Automated Parking Management: The "Cars" model could be integrated into an automated parking management system. It would identify and classify vehicles as they enter and leave, enhancing car park efficiency and security by tracking license plates(placa).

  3. Augmented Reality Gaming: Use the model in AR gaming apps, where players can interact with real-world cars detected in the game. The model could identify cars and corresponding license plates that then become elements in an AR environment.

  4. Security and Surveillance: In a public or private security context, the model could monitor surveillance footage to identify particular cars or license plates, alerting authorities of any suspicious or unauthorized vehicles present.

  5. Autonomous Vehicle Systems: The model could be used in the development and enhancement of autonomous vehicle systems. Identifying nearby cars and their license plates could play a key role in autonomous decision-making processes, improving road safety.

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Car detection

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