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Yolo Labeling 2nd

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Yolo Labeling 2nd Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Video Game Development: This model could be used to test and optimize game environments, identifying the counts and types of objects present at any given time. It could enable developers to balance gameplay by analyzing the occurrences of various in-game objects.

  2. AI Gaming Assistant: "Yolo Labeling 2nd" can help build an AI gaming assistant that can provide real-time guidance to players. The assistant can predict potential threats based on the recognition of objects such as enemies or weapons.

  3. Moderation in Gaming Platforms: The model can be used as a tool for moderating online gaming platforms by identifying potential violent content. If a user shares a video or an image of the game showing too many elements like Guns, Knives, Friendly-Dead or Enemy-Dead, it can flag them to be reviewed by human moderators.

  4. Game Streaming Analysis: Streamers who are playing games live could use this model to analyze gameplay and provide real-time stats to their viewers. It could track the numbers and types of certain in-game objects, adding an extra layer of interaction during the stream.

  5. Video Game Reviews: Reviewers could use this model to analyze the content of games, identifying the balance between non-violent and violent elements while making comparisons across different games, thus providing more comprehensible content analysis in their reviews.

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Capstone 2

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Object Detection




Enemy-Alive, Enemy-Dead, Friendly-Alive, Friendly-Dead, Gun, Knife, Webcam

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