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This infrared street scenes computer vision dataset labels cars, people, bicycles, and dogs (although dogs are severely under-represented; see the health check for more info on class distribution). It contains over 10,000 grayscaled thermal images taken with a FLIR camera that can be used for detecting objects at night or in poor lighting conditions.

It may be particularly useful in creating self-driving autonomous vehicles, due to the forward-looking dashcam style footage of roads, pedestrians, and vehicles. There is also a pre-trained model available for testing.

Example use-cases include:

  • Prototyping a self-driving vehicle
  • Creating a tool that warns drivers if pedestrians are about to cross their path
  • Counting cars driving by (or people walking by) at night
  • Intelligently turning lights on and off for people and vehicles (but not animals)
  • Detecting unauthorized access to unlit facilities

You could also re-label other objects of interest from this dataset to train a model to detect other types of things.

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