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ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Detection)

Open source anpr computer vision datasets, pre-trained models, and APIs.

Ethiopian plate nuber

  • license-plate-number Dataset
  • 253 images


License Plate Recognition

This is a U.S. license plate dataset + model using object detection. The images for this dataset were collected from Google images and around Central Florida parks. If you see your license plate in this dataset and you wish to remove it, please contact


Try it out on this example web app or deploy to Luxonis Oak .





The Numberplate Dataset is a collection of Licence Plates that can easily be used for Automatic Number Plate Detection.

Example Footage!

Licese Plate Detection

Training and Deployment

The Number Plate model has been trained in Roboflow, and available for inference on the Dataset tab.
One could also build a Automatic Number Plate Recognition [ANPR] App using YOLOR and EasyOCR. This is achieved using the Roboflow Platform which you can deploy the model for robust and real-time ANPR.

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