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Infrared imaging (also known as thermal imaging) is a method to observe the surface temperature of objects based on radiation patterns. Thermal images, or thermograms, convert the surface temperature into a visible spectrum which can be used as unique data for computer vision applications such as search and rescue, maritime navigation, night time road safety, gas leak detection, water leak detection, manufacturing defect detection, and more.

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Self-Driving Thermal Object-Detection


This model detects potentially moving objects (cars, bicycles, people, and dogs), to aid in self-driving and autonomous vehicles.


The dataset is comprised of over twelve thousand thermal images, largely annotating cars.

Thermal Cheetahs

About this Dataset

This is a collection of images and video frames of cheetahs at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo taken in October, 2020. The capture device was a SEEK Thermal Compact XR connected to an iPhone 11 Pro. Video frames were sampled and labeled by hand with bounding boxes for object detection using Robofow.

Using this Dataset

We have provided the dataset for download under a creative commons by-attribution license. You may use this dataset in any project (including for commercial use) but must cite Roboflow as the source.

Example Use Cases

This dataset could be used for conservation of endangered species, cataloging animals with a trail camera, gathering statistics on wildlife behavior, or experimenting with other thermal and infrared imagery.

About Roboflow

Roboflow creates tools that make computer vision easy to use for any developer, even if you're not a machine learning expert. You can use it to organize, label, inspect, convert, and export your image datasets. And even to train and deploy computer vision models with no code required.

This infrared drones project contains thermal images of drones, cars, and people. It can be used for detecting UAVs at night and in low-light conditions. Several types of quadcopters and multi-rotor craft are represented in the dataset. 150 images and a pre-trained model are included.

Some example use-cases for this computer vision project include:

  • Detecting expionage and spying activities
  • Protecting VIPs from drone attacks
  • Keeping track of your drone while flying at night
  • Creating a live heads up display for a drone race
  • Enforcing rules restricting drone usage

This project could also be combined with images from other drone detection datasets to create an even better model.

About This Dataset

The Roboflow Thermal Dogs and People dataset is a collection of 203 thermal infrared images captured at various distances from people and dogs in a park and near a home. Some images are deliberately unannotated as they do not contain a person or dog (see the Dataset Health Check for more). Images were captured both portrait and landscape. (Roboflow auto-orient assures the annotations align regardless of the image orientation.)

Thermal images were captured using the Seek Compact XR Extra Range Thermal Imaging Camera for iPhone. The selected color palette is Spectra.


This is an example image and annotation from the dataset:
Man and Dog


Thermal images have a wide array of applications: monitoring machine performance, seeing in low light conditions, and adding another dimension to standard RGB scenarios. Infrared imaging is useful in security, wildlife detection,and hunting / outdoors recreation.

This dataset serves as a way to experiment with infrared images in Roboflow. (Or, you could build your own night time pet finder!)

Collecting Custom Data

Roboflow is happy to improve your operations with infrared imaging and computer vision. Services range from data collection to building automated monitoring systems leveraging computer vision. Reach out for more.

About Roboflow

Roboflow makes managing, preprocessing, augmenting, and versioning datasets for computer vision seamless.
Developers reduce 50% of their boilerplate code when using Roboflow's workflow, save training time, and increase model reproducibility.

Roboflow Wordmark

This infrared street scenes computer vision dataset labels cars, people, bicycles, and dogs (although dogs are severely under-represented; see the health check for more info on class distribution). It contains over 10,000 grayscaled thermal images taken with a FLIR camera that can be used for detecting objects at night or in poor lighting conditions.

It may be particularly useful in creating self-driving autonomous vehicles, due to the forward-looking dashcam style footage of roads, pedestrians, and vehicles. There is also a pre-trained model available for testing.

Example use-cases include:

  • Prototyping a self-driving vehicle
  • Creating a tool that warns drivers if pedestrians are about to cross their path
  • Counting cars driving by (or people walking by) at night
  • Intelligently turning lights on and off for people and vehicles (but not animals)
  • Detecting unauthorized access to unlit facilities

You could also re-label other objects of interest from this dataset to train a model to detect other types of things.

There is a lack of publicly available dataset for detecting people from a UAV persepective especially when they might be hidden under tree canopy. This thermal dataset (with some RGB images sprinkled) recorded using FLIR Vue TZ20 from an overhead/UAV perspective hopes to be useful in search and rescue missions.