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Top Water Datasets

Computer vision can be used with imagery captured from above to assist in identifying and monitoring water infrastructure. Some use-cases are tracking water reservoir levels, spotting floating debris, identifying flooded areas, wastewater management, and monitoring navigable waterways.

This dataset was found on Kaggle's AFO - Aerial Dataset of floating objects by Jan Gąsienica-Józkowy, and was used to build an object detection model for the "How to Train Computer Vision Models on Aerial Imagery" technical blog.

Future iterations may include the detection of people, as well as the use of Project_2 and Project_3 of the original dataset.

HRSC 2016


This is the dataset named "HRSC2016". This dataset is collected and processed by other researchers, but comes without annotations. This project is to annotate the ships in this dataset correctly, with polygon masks. This will be used for semetic segmentation tasks later.

Currently the annotation is still on-going.